Untitled Collaboration 2013
The back room gallery of Adobe Books was expanded and renovated in 2009. During the necessary demolition of the old space, Andy Vogt along with artist Josh Churchill, created a mid progress sight and sound installation tilted Sustained Decay. In the process of dismantling the old gallery, many drawings where found behind the original gallery walls by such artist as Chris Johanson. This in turn inspired Vogt to leave behind one of his pieces from Sustained Decay, and since that time the lath piece that you now see before you had been trapped behind a gallery wall in the now closed Adobe Books. I had been invited to install A Suppression of Vice following Sustained Decay and I became friends with Vogt at this time. On the final day of adobe books 23 year run, Vogt excavated his piece from the walls and I documented it. In this installation at Root Division Vogt displays his piece upside down, and I show my video upon lath in which I inlayed within the roots divisions more modern drywall and studded walls. Together through this collaborative piece we evaluate how the past can be rediscovered and easily forgotten.

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